Education Editorial: Kids' quotes

Education Editorial: Kids' quotes

With school underway there is a rush to analyze the first few days. Superintendents talk about the "smooth" opening and analysts crank the numbers. The voices of those with a "first hand" perspective are seldom heard.

Many of you remember a TV show called "Kids Say The Darndest Things". Children's thoughts are so honest because they have not been "cleaned up" for social acceptance.

My brother's family and ours include fourteen grandchildren. Their reflections of school seem to represent different themes.

Preparation: Ella, a first grader, said as her sister was preparing for kindergarten, "Mommy, if are going to cry, can you do that in your room?"

Discipline: Annie said, "Pop, we studied moving our names today." "Well, what is that Annie?" "Pop, if you have been naughty you have to move your name, but I didn't have to move mine TODAY".

Time Perspective: Jane Clare said, "I don't remember the first day of school. It was a long time ago."

First Impression: Kinsey said, "Mom, just so you know, the Third Grade really ROCKS!"

Second Impression: Graham added, "School is disgusting!"

Organization: Emmy said, "All the kids at recess today looked like a gong show."

Humility: While visiting a school I saw a kindergartner working at a keyboard. I knelt beside him, put my arm around him and said, "How long have you been typing?" He smiled, blinked those childish eyes and said, "Not very long; can't you tell."

Children don't say the "darndest" things…they say the deepest things. Maybe we should listen more closely.

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