NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The Use of Force

By: Kym Grinnage email

Within the next couple of weeks, the Congress will tell the President of the United States of America if they approve of the use of force in Syria as a response to the Assad regime's use of weapons of mass destruction against its citizens. When the President drew a red line in the sand that meant if someone crossed that line there would be hell to pay.

From all accounts it appears that the Assad regime has crossed that line and the world is waiting for a response. This is a difficult decision at a time when the American people appear to be very tired of war. It appears that the use of chemical weapons is not a high enough threshold to grant the President the approval he is seeking.

The question before us is: when is an atrocity evil enough that good people must step in and do something and not simply do nothing. This is certainly one of those times when evil is on display and an answer to the tyrant is in order, but who's responsibility is it.

Unfortunately this is not an easy decision, but a complicated one that doesn't have an easy answer.

Should we use force against the Assad regime for its crimes against humanity? If you ask an American, the answer is complicated, but if you ask the opposition and family members of those who lost loved ones and children in this chemical attack, the answer is simple: where is the United States of America.

Our enemies are watching and waiting. I hope we make the right choice.

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