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Potentially new evidence found in little Brendon's death investigation

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Police say they found shell casings in a residential area just outside of Brandermill and police are trying to see, if it matches the bullet that killed a 7-year-old on July 4th.

Brendon Mackey was killed by a stray bullet exactly 2 months ago and police say the potential evidence could give them a huge break.

"One is a .40 cal, we're having that tested," said Captain Chris Hensley of Chesterfield Police.

Hensley says someone who lives in the Deer Meadow neighborhood found bullet casings on the ground and called police.

If the shell case is a match it could reveal where the gun was fired and possibly which home it came from, but it's too early for an answer to that.

"I don't have the specific details on the exact location, because it could have been a wooded area near a residence," said Hensley.

Police have worked tirelessly on this case.

"Canvassing 2,000 homes is unprecedented for us, but when we look at it as a crime scene, once we determined the ballistic range of that round, that's what we had to go with first," said Hensley.

In addition to the shell casings, police just took in another gun for a ballistics' test, Wednesday, making the total number of guns sent to the lab: 7.

"We have two that have come back that have been confirmed as no match to the round so we technically have 5 we will be waiting on," said Hensley.

While there're still many things that remain unclear, Captain Hensley says one thing's certain.

"Somebody knows who fired that round, and it's a matter of whether somebody will call and let us know," he said.

The reward for the right information has gone up to $2,350 and all the money has been raised by the community. Police urge, if you know something, call Crime Solvers at 748-0660 - you do not have to give your name.

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