MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Earn school rewards for shopping

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you have a child, you know it's no secret that your school could use more money. Parents clip boxtops and labels for education to help supplement educational budgets.

Here's a way for your school to earn thousands of dollars, just by doing your everyday shopping.

If you've got friends with kids, you might have seen a program on Facebook asking you to vote for a school. The program is called "Give with Target." When your school gets 25 votes, it will receive a $25 payout. Each additional vote earns another dollar.

If you use a Target red card, either debit or credit, enroll in the "Take Charge of Education" offer. Not only do you save 5% using this card, but Target will donate up to 1% of what you spend to the school you designate. This includes in-store shopping as well as online.

Shop at Food Lion? Take advantage of the MVP rewards. Sign up, link your loyalty card and choose the school you want to benefit. A percentage of your store-brand purchases will be credited to that school.

Save those receipts if Farm Fresh is your store. Every dollar spent equals 1 point in the "1-2-3-4 the Community" program. Give those receipts to your school. At the end of the school year, points are tallied and can be redeemed for free educational equipment.

With Martin's "A+ School Rewards," every time you shop, your school earns points. You need to sign up and pick one or two schools. At the end of each month, points are totaled and your school's account will be automatically credited. Last year's big winner, Mills Godwin High School - it received almost $6500 worth of additional funding.

If your school is not participating in these programs, talk to the administration or the PTA to make sure your school is not missing out on free money.

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