August 29 RESTAURANT REPORT: Beef not kept hot enough

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Mexican restaurant makes the Critical List for getting 6 critical violations on their health inspection, and 5 on their follow-up inspection. So we went over.

The restaurant is Don Papa Grande at 12806 Jeff Davis Highway in Chesterfield, a family place for Mexican food.

Said server Antonio Muza, "You can come on a Sunday morning after church and enjoy a nice family time with nice food."

After earning 6 critical violations, Muza showed us they fixed them all. They posted a new sign to remind workers to wash their hands with soap.

"We just got a new one over here," he showed us, "so they actually have the proper way to wash their hands and follow the procedures and everything."

They adjusted the table that keeps beef tips and shredded beef hot and got an easier-to read digital thermometer. A cook showed us the meat was even hotter than the required 135 degrees, registering 168 degrees Farenheit.

And Muza showed us that the cheese dip, once not cooled fast enough during the inspection, is now made in smaller containers and chilled on ice.

"So they make it hot and they cool it down," he said showing us the cheese sauce on ice.

Muza says they want you to know they've fixed the problems.

"It's team work. We all work together. If we have to fix something, we try to do it right away," said Muza.

Moving to Henrico, China Max in the Regency Square Mall food court had 5 critical violations. Among them, the report says black mildew was on the surface of their cutting boards. But China Max fixed it and only had one critical on the follow-up inspection, and earned a perfect score on the second follow-up.

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