Neighbor rushes to help victim killed in scooter crash

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Family members are mourning the death of a man killed on his scooter in Richmond's East End.

Police say he collided with a car at the intersection of Fairmount Avenue and North 23rd Street just before 10 a.m. Sunday. Neighbors rushed to help the victim pinned under the car.

Jermaine Tucker, says he ran outside to help as soon as he heard the crash. The moment he saw a young man under that car, he went to great lengths to try and save him. Police say the driver hit a 35-year-old man on his scooter.

"For the driver, she's going to be affected the rest of her life," said Tucker. "She doesn't want to drive anymore. She was just on her way to church and now maybe she's saying maybe she should have stayed home but that's not the case."

Tucker lives on the corner where the wreck occurred.  "It sounded like metal on metal," Tucker added. He grabbed his shoes and rushed out the door.

"When I ran out, there was already a crowd out here," Tucker added. "They tried to move the car. It began to roll forward and I told them to stop, put the break on, and I asked one of the motorists to give me a jack."

Tucker was able to use the jack to raise the front of the car off the man.

"I was thinking the car was pretty heavy," Tucker noted. "He was probably under the exhaust area. He was probably hot and burning him."

During the crash team investigation, Tucker offered the driver some water and his porch for shade as they talked about the accident.

"She was stopped here at 23rd and Fairmount facing northbound," Tucker said. "She was turning westbound. She said he came out of nowhere. She looked. She didn't see anything. He came out of nowhere."

Tucker has lived on Fairmount Avenue since 2008. He says it's not the first time he's seen a bad crash, here.

"I'll sit out here on my porch and see near-accidents and I'll just shake my head," Tucker added.

"Fairmount Avenue is a busy avenue and artery in this part of town," said Richmond Police PIO, James Mercante. "It's controlled by blinking yellow and red lights at the intersections.  That indicates people should take caution."

The intersection was blocked off for hours Sunday while the crash team investigated. The victim's name and any possible charges are not available right now.

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