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Cuccinelli teams up with unlikely partner to push school rehab plan


In the race for governor, a new poll shows democrat Terry McAuliffe with a six point lead. The Quinnipiac survey shows McAuliffe leading republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli 48%-42%.

According to the poll- Cuccinelli captures only 1% of the support from democrats, but the Attorney General hasn't given up on his opposing party yet and he believes his education plan may be one of the keys.

In the shadow of Richmond's Fox Elementary a 100 year old school- Cuccinelli and an unlikely partner are hatching plans to fix up aging Virginia schools.

"The reason that we are closing in on the average of schools at 50 is because of the backlog of rehabilitation," Cuccinelli said.

Cuccinelli has endorsed a plan from the former chair of Virginia's Democratic Party- Paul Goldman- to push for a federal tax credit to help rehab old schools across the country.

"How can you get a 21st century education in a school that was built for curriculum in the middle of the 20th century?" asked Goldman.

Goldman's plan has wide support across party lines, including from Sen. Tim Kaine (D), Rep. Eric Cantor (R) and Cuccinelli's opponent Terry McAuliffe (D) has been on board for more than four years.

Goldman wasn't surprised Cuccinelli called to join the fight.

"I've always found him to be a fair guy a policy oriented guy who approaches things that way," said Goldman.

But the move could also signal a need for Cuccinelli to build in roads with democrats in an area where he is seriously lacking support.

With only 1% support the Quinnipiac poll Cuccinelli need help, and on education- one of the party's signature issues, Democrats say Cuccinelli's plan will gut funding to public schools.

Despite the bleak outlet Cuccinelli is unwilling to give up on half of Virginia's voters quite yet.

"I've never run a race without democratic support that drives partisan democrats crazy," he said.

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