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Letter says search for Brendon Mackey's killer should end

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Chesterfield police have been searching for Brendon Mackey's killer for over a month. With few leads, they continue to go door-to-door. In a recent issue of The Chesterfield Observer, one woman says she wants the search to end.

Many have shared their opinion on the search but most folks have been supportive. Still, not everyone agrees with the way police and the Mackey family have reacted to Brendon's death.

A woman named Alice recently wrote in a letter to the editor, "I hope the person responsible is not identified. The identification of this person would in no way assuage the grief, sorrow and loss experienced by the Mackey family."

Brendon's dad disagrees. He says, finding the person and bringing them to justice would give him closure.

"I figured anyone would want to find the person who killed an innocent child," said Mackey. "If it were a family member or a child of her own, she wouldn't be saying that."

Mackey also questions what kind of message it would send if Chesterfield police didn't search for the person who fired those fatal celebratory gunshots on the Fourth of July.

"What does that tell everyone else? It's OK if I shoot guns off in the air and nothing is going to happen to me?" He asked.

Julie and Scott Bailey agree with Mackey. They live in Woodlake where investigators were canvassing Wednesday night.

"I think they need to find whoever did this," Mrs. Bailey said. "They need to know there's repercussions for firing a gun into the sky."

"It doesn't matter if it causes me a few minutes of inconvenience," said Mr. Bailey. "It's worth it if they find the person."

The letter's author denied NBC12's request for an interview but stands by her opinion that an arrest will not bring the Mackey family closure or their son back.

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