State Police Chase

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Breaking News this morning, State Police were led on a pursuit overnight that ended with a crash. Police say the suspect actually crashed their car into a trooper's cruiser! The trooper was not hurt. We have the latest information on the case.

The Chesterfield karate instructor accused of driving drunk with a van full of kids faces a judge today. 34-year-old Kristina Mangrum faces several charges, including felony child neglect. Police say Mangrum's blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit when she was arrested last month while driving seven kids to the marital arts school.

Also breaking this morning, the U.S. Government could be taking steps to end military aid to Egypt amid the country's violent protests. We take a closer look.

Plus, new information on the limousine fire that trapped and killed five women, back in May It has been ruled an accident.

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