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Police, community leaders go door-to-door after violence


Monday night police and community leaders went door-to-door. After seven people were shot, two fatally, over the weekend in Richmond, they're not only looking to solve the crimes but calm the fears of residents.

These shootings make for the city's most violent weekend in recent memory.

"Ridiculous for that type of activity to be going on in our city," says Pastor Larry Miles whose north side church is not far from the scene of Saturday night's homicide.

It came just an hour after a triple shooting on the east end.

The Communities at Southwood were hit hard over the weekend with two violent crimes in less than 26 hours. First there was the homicide in the 1700 block of Clarkson Road on Saturday night, which police believe happened in a home invasion and robbery. Just a few blocks down the road and about 24 hours later another man was shot. Police say they're investigating this incident as an attempted robbery.

"It is much easier when you have a concentrated area of violence," explained Richmond Police Deputy Chief Eric English. "When you have violence that occurs throughout the city it is a little bit more difficult."

Richmond Police are now reviewing their resources.

"We will look throughout the city and see if there needs to be any movement of personnel in order to address the violence that has taken place," English added.

He maintains there are enough officers on the street to curb this recent trend.

Pastor Miles says it's not just about police. Churches, schools and other community organizations need to come in prior to crime.

"There needs to be programs on how to resolve conflicts," he described. "We shouldn't just be so ready so ready to resolve conflicts like we're in the Wild, Wild West. Let's take ownership for what's going on in our streets because it's not going to end until we do something about it."

Richmond Police say it doesn't seem the crimes are related and the motives seem to be robbery and arguments. No arrests have been made just yet.

While this may seem like a bad weekend, put in perspective it is nowhere near as violent as Richmonders saw in the mid-90s when the city was known as the murder capital. So far this year, violent crime is actually down 2% compared to last year.

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