Education Editorial: Jon Lewis

Education Editorial: Jon Lewis

Interim is an interesting word. Webster has multiple definitions with the most frequently applied being, " a temporary or provisional arrangement".

The Richmond City School Board has entered such an arrangement with Dr. Jonathan Lewis, their interim superintendent.

No stranger to the city, Jon Lewis started his teaching career in the English Department of Thomas Jefferson High School. He was a principal and an assistant principal at George Wythe as well before leaving for the same role in Hanover County. Our son, one of his students, remembers him fondly for his care and high expectations.

Dr. Lewis was an assistant superintendent in Hanover and a superintendent for two school divisions for fourteen years. His leadership has been marked with a quiet but decisive style.

As a University of Richmond English major he recognized early the most important of the English language arts skills…listening. His contract may be temporary but his impact will likely be lasting.

When I went to Chesterfield after fifteen years with Henrico and the state, people often said, "this will be easy, you have done it for so long". My response was always the same, "no, not really, because I have never done it here."

The school board should be commended for picking the right person for the right time with the right skills. They must also make sure that he doesn't spend most of his time mediating fights, another Webster definition referencing religious differences during the Reformation. Let the unholy wars be over, and let him do his job!

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