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On Your Side Alert: Crooks target popular online job site

Crooks are targeting a popular online job site. We investigate after viewers called 12 about fraudulent ads on Careerbuilder.com. The site is legitimate but not every posting is credible.

We looked into one ad that's popped up, the mystery shopping job offer. A viewer was nearly duped and wanted us to get the word out. After applying online, they were sent a package in the mail and red flags went up. The job was supposed to be observing and reporting on MoneyGram and Western Union stores.

Inside the package was a check for 3-thousand dollars and instructions. The viewer was told to cash the check and take 300 bucks for their salary. The rest of the money was to be wired through Western Union and MoneyGram to the Philippines.

We reached out to Careerbuilder.com about these type of scams. The company says it takes the issue of fraudulent activity very seriously and has implemented several measures to help protect job seekers. On every job posting, Careerbuilder.com includes an alert that provides tips to keep in mind when dealing with prospective employers. The company also includes a link that lets you report any suspicious posting.

It also says, "We have a team dedicated to monitoring job postings and resume database purchases to verify information on each account. We apply both proprietary software and manual monitoring to immediately identify heightened activity or excessive usage on an account. If abnormal activity is found, the situation is promptly investigated. To protect privacy and mitigate risk, we "scrub" our resume database, masking sensitive information job seekers may include in their resumes such as social security numbers. This means only "telephone book" type data would be available to viewers. We have a pre-screening process. For every e-Commerce purchase, the job or resume database application is held in a queue. Our Trust and Site Security team reviews them and then takes them active if they meet our requirements. We are a member of Anti-phishing Working Group (APWG) and www.digitalphishnet.org, organizations designed to share information, prevent fraudulent activity on the Web and track down people who are posting scams. Members include job sites and other Internet sites, local law enforcement, FBI, etc."

No matter what site you are on -- if you're looking for a job, keep these tips in mind: research the company with the Better Business Bureau. Think before you apply, if it feels wrong, it probably is. Look for local employment and never cash a check and wire money.

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