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City launches bike lane online survey for cyclists


Bicyclists around Richmond are giving their opinion on what major changes should be ahead for roads, to make streets safer for bikers. A survey launched this week, asking questions like where riders feel the most uncomfortable, and what roads should have bike lanes.

The city has major bike-safety plans for the upcoming year, which go way beyond signs or painted symbols on the pavement.

"Cary Street or down Main Street… the parked cars can really crowd the cyclists in," said cyclist Melloney Simerly, who uses her bicycle to get pretty much everywhere around the city.

Ride Richmond director Brantley Tyndall says the goal is to get anyone on two wheels from "A" to "B," safely.

"…to where you live, where you work, to the grocery store, to the park or pool," said Brantley.

Floyd Avenue is one of the streets already in the works for some major improvements for bicyclists.

Tyndall says city plans will reduce vehicle traffic on the stretch, which would make it easier for cyclists.

A major decision outlined in the survey is which roads should be reconstructed with bike lanes, and which type of lanes should be created. City officials tell us the survey results will be factored in to making RVA more cyclist-safe.

"The majority of people simply aren't comfortable riding in a mixed traffic environment, especially in a busy city," said Jakob Helmboldt, Richmond's Pedestrian, Bicycle and Trails Coordinator.

Helmboldt says the project will be funded through a combination of city, state and federal money, including grants.

"With the amount of traffic that comes through here, (roads) can definitely be improved," said Simerly.

The survey will be online through September. Construction on bike lanes and other road changes is planned to start next spring.

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