August 15 RESTAURANT REPORT: Fly swatter touching knife blade

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The good news is that because flies are so small, scientists say they don't leave much bacteria behind on things they touch. But certain bacteria can make you sick.

That's why the Health Department didn't like it when they found a fly swatter touching the food contact surface of a knife on a restaurant prep counter.

The health inspection report reveals it happened at New Chinatown Express at 122 West Brookland Park Boulevard in Richmond, which had 5 critical violations. But the report also shows every problem was immediately fixed during the inspection.

Veranda Ristorante at 12358 Sycamore Square in Chesterfield had 7 critical violations. Among them, the report says cooked ground beef, pasta, feta cheese, marinara and soup were not being kept cold enough. We contacted the restaurant to see what's up with that, but we haven't heard back. Veranda earned a perfect score when health inspectors re-checked it a week later.

Come on in, says this week's NBC12 hall of fame award winner. Gino's Ristorante Pizzeria at 10118 Brook Road in Henrico is family owned and wants you to feel like family.

"We want customers to come back. We want to keep the place clean. We want people to feel welcome to come in and dirty it up so we'll clean it for them," said Adam Pitts with Gino's Ristorante Pizzeria.

Gino's has aced four health inspections in a row.

"We're very thorough about cleaning and sweeping, mopping, dusting, cleaning the tables regularly, morning, night," explained Pitts.

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