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Redskins' Thompson has unique game day ritual


Routines and superstitions are part of sports.  Many players have their rituals to get ready for games, but Redskins' running back Chris Thompson has one of the more bizarre game day procedures.

Thompson's routine requires a yellow and red Starburst.  The yellow candy he eats before the game, while the red one is stored in his sock during the first half.  Thompson then eats the red Starburst prior to the third quarter.

It's a routine that certainly is unique and upon discovering their teammate's oddity, other Redskins were immediately concerned with the condition of that second Starburst.  Darryl Tapp, Santana Moss, Ryan Kerrigan and Josh Morgan all expected a sweaty, soggy candy.

Thompson, however, maintains that the Starburst is taped above his ankle.  Sogginess is minimal and the taste is normal, but you won't find many of his teammates jumping to try and copy the routine, even if they do see Thompson having success.

The rookie developed the habit during his freshman year of high school, during what seemed to be an initiation by a senior member of the squad.  Ever since then, Thompson has continued the ritual during every game he has played.  He says he'll continue it for as long as he plays football.

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