12 ON YOUR SIDE: Yard dispute resolved

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A resolution tonight. 12 On Your Side helps feuding factions settle a dispute and get a woman's yard fixed.

Diane Hall says a tree service wrecked her yard, driving heavy tractors all around when the ground was too wet.

It took two weeks, a few calls and e-mails but Hall got $819, plus a discount on her tree removal bill. All that to make up for damages.

Before she called 12, this dispute seemed destined for court.

After tilling, grading, grass seeds and straw, the restoration work should have grass growing in no time, in Hall's yard.

"Now it's really nice to see a nice flat yard," said Hall. "I don't mind seeing straw. That's better than puddles of water."

Two companies with similar names worked her yard. Hall says Alvaro, with 'Hernandez Tree Service,' cut down six trees and then called Candido, with 'M.C. Hernandez Tree Service,' to haul away the logs.

She refused to pay a dime until the damage was corrected. That's when Alvaro hired a lawyer threatening to sue. Hall called 12. We intervened.

"Your diligence in working this through was amazing," said Hall. "I really appreciate it."

I reached out to everyone. Alvaro told me to call his lawyer. Mary Adams said her client wanted to fix the yard but felt threatened they would be arrested for trespassing.

Candido says he told Alvaro the ground was too wet for his tractor and says Alvaro told him to do it anyway and they would fix it later.

"He wanted to settle it and get it worked out and that he'd be willing to do the work," said Candido. "I wasn't comfortable with the big tractor coming back in again."

Candido agreed to allow Hall to choose the company she wanted and he paid the yard repair bill.

"He left a check with me to give to Mr. Milkz when he was finished," said Hall.

Candido also emailed me a list of some happy customers and said I could contact them. He says he's honest, his customers are 100 percent satisfied, and what happened, here, isn't indicative of how he runs his business.

Hall says there wouldn't be a resolution without 12.

"I don't think it would have happened," said Hall. "I'm happy."

The attorney for Alvaro Hernandez says he subtracted $200 from the money Hall owes him, for taking down the trees. Hall will deliver a check, for $1,600 to his lawyer this week. The discount covers damage to Hall's azaleas.

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