Richmond's "Duck Dynasty" bottles deer urine, smells success

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - They're known as Richmond's "Duck Dynasty," two life-long friends who bottle deer urine, and sell it to hunters. The scent bottled in North Chesterfield hides human smells, a product that attracts deer, and human customers.

The business known as Buck Nut Products is the brainchild of Rusty Groves and Kenny Benton. Their products look like liquor bottles, but inside is 100 percent deer urine. It's a smell that sends deer straight to hunters.

"What you do as a hunter, you try to get a buck to come closer to you," Groves said in an interview Wednesday. "A buck is usually a territorial animal, he's marked his territory. Another buck comes into that area, he wants to challenge that buck to get him out, fight him."

The two buck businessmen can produce 100 bottles in 30 minutes from Benton's garage, turned distribution site. They purchase deer urine from a deer farm in West Virginia, where the animals go into a room, and do their business.

"The floor is tapered and it has a drain," Benton said. "It goes down, and it's filtered, and it goes into a thing, and then we do our thing."

Not very many people do this, so Benton and Groves' business is booming. The two also make cover scents, allowing hunters to blend in with the forest. No urine is mixed into the cover scents, only top secret ingredients.

"Honestly I can't tell you the ingredients in our cover scents," Groves said. "We'd be giving you our business if we did that."

As for the company name, there's a simple answer to where it came from. The name recalls Grove's first idea that led him to smell a golden opportunity.

"I started out making an acorn bar of soap. So acorn being a nut, and then a buck being a buck, I just put the two together, Buck Nut… It just stuck."

Buck Nut distributes to three stores right now in the Richmond area. Benton and Groves hope in five years, their backyard business will go national.

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