Cuccinelli pressed on Star-Scientific; McAuliffe on GreenTech

GreenTech, the car company founded by Terry McAuliffe and Star Scientific the supplement company who's CEO gave gifts to Governor Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli, have become the dominant issues in the race for Governor.

Monday night, we pressed both candidates for answers.

As the heat gets turned up on McDonnell and the gifts he took from Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams, Cuccinelli who took gifts himself, made a bold move to distance him from the controversy.

He called on the Governor to bring the General Assembly back for a special session to strengthen the states gift laws.

"The political will is there if the Governor would call a special session," Cuccinelli said. "I was disappointed to see he disagrees with me on that."

McDonnell said no to a special session - as did Cuccinelli when asked if he would return the gifts given to him by Williams.

"I don't have anything to give back at this point," he said.

Cuccinelli's opponent McAuliffe laughed off the Republican's call for a special session.

"I just think this is another gimmick by the Attorney General," he said with a chuckle.

McAuliffe did not hold back in his attacks on Star Scientific- but when pressed him on the investigation into the company he founded GreenTech- he had a bit less to say.

"All I know is that I left the company about eight months ago and I don't know anything beyond that," he said.

Cuccinelli argues we may learn more if McAuliffe released his full tax returns from the last eight years- something the Democrat refuses to do.

"It is not that hard to match what I've done," Cuccinelli said. "He's presumably done the taxes release them."

And for one night both sides land their punches- but the voters have not learned much more.

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The two candidates appeared at a forum hosted by Voices for Virginia's Children. It featured the candidates separately in a question and answer period. They questions were provided to the candidates in advance.

The big difference between the two came on Medicaid expansion as a part of the Affordable Care Act. McAuliffe spent most of his time reminding the crowd, which largely supported the concept, that he is in favor of the concept. Cuccinelli explained he was against expansion, but said that mental health services is one of the "few" areas he supports an increase in state funding.

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