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Richmond International ranked #2 airport in North America


You're in good hands if you're flying out of RIC because Richmond International has been voted one of the best airports in North America. 

According to the Air Transport Research Society, RIC is the second most efficient airport among mid-sized airports. The international survey looked at things like airport facilities, number of travelers and how smoothly things go for them.

RIC's marketing director Troy Bell says, an efficient airport means less wait time and more money in travelers' pockets.

"We can't do anything about the weather and we don't price the flights but as far as the airport experience, we can make it easy for you," said Bell.

Richmond International sees approximately 9,000 travelers a day. Still, the average wait time in the TSA security line is less than 10 minutes.

Bell attributes that to the airport staff. He says, the airport staffs who they need while keeping costs down. Plus, he says, RIC doesn't overcharge the airlines for terminal space, so ticket prices are kept down too.

Bell adds, the design of the airport itself is efficient. There's lots of parking, seating and plenty of space to check into your flight without the airport being too big.

Richmond International was second only to Oklahoma City's Will Rogers International Airport. As for the most efficient airport in the world? According to the ATRS, it's Atlanta's Harsfield-Jackson.

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