On Your Side Alert: Zeus Virus

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you use a computer and have Facebook there is a warning for you. Cyber experts say a computer virus that showed up several years ago is making a comeback with a vengeance. It is called Zeus Virus.

Cyber expert, Joe Gray says cyber criminals typically target your Facebook with post or messages that they hope will grab your attention. "A very beautiful woman or a muscular man or something along those lines. It may be fake and that is when Zeus can really manifest. It really relies on the untrained gullible user," he explains.

Criminals want one thing, for you to click the link. "It waits! It has got a preloaded list of banks, credit cards and all sorts of websites and when you go to the websites, it captures, using key logging software, to get your credentials," he says.

What's really scary about the Zeus is that sometimes the malicious link will take you nowhere and redirect you back to Facebook but in the background crooks are stealing your information. Many of you ask about why these crooks not being arrested, We posed that question to the expert. "Most of the time they happen from countries we don't have agreements with and many times they will use proxies. Such as the Sox Proxy and if you try to track it, it will go in such an order that it will make tracking down the person impossible," Gray says.

The Zeus Virus targets anyone on social media. Keeping your anti-virus updated can provide you with some protection but it can not stop you from clicking malicious links. Our cyber expert offers this advice: "Don't click links you didn't expect, don't click links from people you don't know. From the Facebook perspective, be weary of what Apps you are using and be weary who you accept friend request from" he says.

These cyber thieves are good and can wipe out your bank account. In fact, many times it's how people find out they're a victim of Zeus. It is important to contact your bank if you think you've been compromised. You can also report abuse or spam to Facebook. Zeus first surfaced back in 2007. Crooks were hoping you forgot but this is a warning it's back.

Cyber experts say always be suspicious of emails with links. They also recommend making sure your computer software is updated often and changing your passwords every 60 days.

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