Traffic Alert: Tractor Trailer Crash along I-95

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We are following some breaking news that could really impact your morning commute. A major accident involving at least two tractor trailers is tying up along I-95 traffic. Five people involved in this crash have been transported to the hospital with injuries. We will keep you posted.

Happening today, a Norfolk jury is expected to decide whether three Somali Pirates convicted of shooting four Americans off the African coast will live. The men could face the death penalty. They're accused hijacking a yacht in 20-11 and killing the two couples on board.

We're getting new information this morning on changes coming to Smithfield Foods. The company says it is on track to end the practice of keeping female hogs in small metal crates while pregnant at its U.S. facilities by 2017. Smithfield has been criticized for continuing to breed the animals in crates that severely restrict movement. It estimates the conversion will have cost about 300 million dollars when complete.

Today, the Cleveland man who kept three women captive for a decade will be sentenced for his crimes. Ariel Castro abducted Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus and Michelle Knight between 2002 and 2004--and held them prisoner until they escaped in may.

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