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Youth baseball team scores CBC Bronco World Series title

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The Bronco 11s are celebrating a CBC World Series Championship after bringing home the prestigious title Sunday evening.

While it's easy to get lost in the pictures of 11-year-old boys realizing dreams, this story actually starts one year ago, with a loss. As 10-year-olds in Texas, the team missed its chance to claim a World Series title. Instead, they came in third and watched the game from behind a fence.

"We watched the championship game and we all made a promise to ourselves that next year we were going to be on this field," said Brandon Arrowood, who plays first base and pitches. "and we were going to win the tournament."

"These kids for 12 months have had that vision and that focus," said Coach Ashley Arrowood.

As 11-year-olds, the team went into the championship game against a tough team that had outperformed them before.

"We lost to them once but we wanted to get revenge. So, we were nervous," said Jacob Farrar,  who plays shortstop, second base, third base, and pitcher.

But you might just say the feeling of getting almost there was never far from their minds and they didn't want to know anything less than what it felt like to be at the top. They took home the win by one run.

"I started jumping up and down and just hugging the players yelling yes!" said pitcher Zane Eggleston. "Yes! We did it!"

"I think it hit me," said Ethan Iannuzzi who pitched the game winning strikeout.  "It didn't take a second. Right as he went whew, I just threw my glove and I just went, 'Oh my God!' It was crazy."

Crazy, perhaps. But ask their coach and moments like these are made up of 12 months of hard work and sweat and a team of boys with a great big goal that had to be met.

"It's an honor to bring it home for Chesterfield County and Chesterfield Baseball Club," said Arrowood. "And we look forward to the future. The future is bright for Chesterfield baseball."

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