Cyber creeps find a portal into your private life

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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Java may not be your "cup of tea" but its a programming language used on computers, web browsers and in other places.

It's been around since 1995, well before many people were active internet users.  You probably don't know it but many of your devices are java-enabled and they may be vulnerable to cyber criminals.

Because Java has been around so long, cyber criminals love to poke holes in it and have been aggressively fine tuning their tools to hack it.

One of the best known hacks of Java recently was called a "drive by download" where cyber criminals trick programs that use Java to allow files hidden behind websites or links and download quietly in the background.

The makers of Java are working tirelessly to keep their software up to date and to fight off the hackers but as we have learned, cyber criminals go where the action is and Java is a hot area for them.   WBTV's cyber expert Theresa Payton shares some quick tips to limit your exposure:

In Less than 5 Minutes try these 2 Quick Tips for Joyful Java:

1.  Disabling Java is an option.  You can always turn it on just when you absolutely need it.  The majority of cyber criminal attacks target browser Java so this is a great first step!

There are great tips at

Web browsing:

You can disable Java in your web browsers and only turn it on when a website that you trust will not work without it

Computer Operating Systems:

You can disable Java on your home computers - PCs or Macs.

2.  Keep your Java up to date

Java just released new improvements for many operating systems and browsers

Web Resources:

Computer security company, Sophos' NakedSecurity, has provided step by step instructions on how to disable Java in your web browsers:

œ     How to disable Java in Chrome

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