Redskins fan devastated she didn't get autograph

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - While there were tons of smiling faces at day one of the Redskins training camp, one Richmond woman's unpleasant experience has gone viral.

26-year-old Kimberly Lewis says it may be the hormones speaking, but at four months pregnant she was devastatingly heartbroken. She said she waited nearly six hours, but couldn't get a single autograph.

It started with her own Facebook post:

"I've just spent all day at the training camp for nothing," she said.

Lewis was simply venting to her friends about what happened at opening day for the Redskins training camp.

"I've been here since 6:30 this morning, it's like 12 o'clock and all I wanted was an autograph and I couldn't even get that, no players even came to where I was standing, I'm so disappointed in the Redskins right now," she said.

She said she took a day off from work, hired a babysitter just to be a part of RVA history and get an autograph.

"There were people who were just getting there, and they came over to their side and no players at all came to the side I was on and I was right in the front, I'm so disappointed," she said.

These tears went on for about two minutes. Her video started to go viral with nearly 2,300 views and was even picked up by the national sports website Deadspin, before it was taken down.

"I was so devastated I had to walk back to the car empty handed, it was all just sinking in on the long walk back to the car and I didn't have anybody to talk to because I was by myself so the only thing I could do is make a video about it," she said.

And although she says she won't go back to training camp, she'll remain loyal.

"I am a diehard fan, I always will be I don't care if I ever get to go to a game I don't care, I always watch games on TV, that's fine," she said.

There's another reason why she was so disappointed, she really wanted to get an autograph for her dad who is also a big fan.

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