July 25 RESTAURANT REPORT: Roaches found in box stored with food

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Two restaurants had problems with insects in this edition of the Restaurant Report. Here's this week's critical list and what they did about the little pests.

One restaurant with a insect problem, according to the health inspection report, was Paradise Biryani Pointe at 3621 Cox Road in Henrico, which had 5 critical violations. The report says there were live and dead roaches in a box stored with the onions and rice. When the inspector returned two weeks later, the report shows the roaches were gone, but the restaurant had 4 critical violations.

The Brass Monkey Bar at 12211 Jefferson Davis Highway in Chesterfield also had a pest problem along with it's 6 critical violations. The health inspector noted several fruit flies. Some violations were corrected during the inspection, and the flies were gone when the inspector came back two weeks later. The brass monkey had two critical on that follow-up inspection, but had zero violations on another follow-up after that.

The problems were different at Uptown Market and Deli at 2400 West Main Street in Richmond, which had 4 critical violations. The report says the meatballs in the steam well were not reheated to a sufficient temperature and time to eliminate pathogenic bacteria. But that and the other violations were corrected on the spot.

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