12 ON YOUR SIDE: Complaint about construction site in Henrico

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A Henrico woman is fired up over the construction of a new fire station on Quioccasin Road.

The new $3.6 million station is being built right now in Henrico, but a woman who lives next door says it's been one headache after another, so she called 12 On Your Side for help.

Daniel and Company renovated Main Street Station and the Governor's Mansion. Henrico says the company has an exceptional track record. In this instance, the homeowner blames the County for not managing the project properly.

Fire Station 9 and Sue Mayes co-existed 26 years. They were good neighbors when a thick tree-covered lot separated the two, but construction on a multi-million dollar fire station replaced the trees at the Daniel and Company construction site.

"I'd complain about the dust," said Mays. "They would say the dust is staying on their side."

Mayes says firefighters deserve a nice facility, but Henrico didn't consider her before the shovel hit the ground.

"They had mitigated nothing for me. Even the construction fence was not in the plan," said Mayes.

She complained about early weekend start times and showed us home video, the noise, the dust, dump trucks, rollers, and vibrating equipment just feet from her home.

She fought the contractor and got the fence eight months after construction started, and after she says her yard flooded seven times.

"They want to take the fence down. They have to tie this in and make it a road. They got to raise it. They've got to pave it. And they got to knock down the fire station."

Company foreman Scott Turner didn't say much because of pending litigation. He did say there's different opinions about everything.

"(Her concern is that you're going to take the fence down.) No ma'am, I really can't, and I can't really allow you on the construction site."

I took her complaints to Henrico. John Neal, the Director of General Services, met me on-site.

"(Why wasn't the fence a part of the county's plan initially from the very beginning?) We amended the project to install the fence after talking with Ms. Mayes," said Neal. "We were trying to work with her. You can see some of the erosion sediment control measures we have in place to keep the water from going onto her property.

"(So, she doesn't have to worry about this letter from the construction company's attorney saying we're going to remove this fence?) We're working with the construction company and Ms. Mayes to address the issue."

The homeowner is suing the contractor for alleged damages. The county has sovereign immunity. Meantime, the county says there will be changes to the fence to accommodate drainage and landscaping work, but the goal is to keep the fence until the end.

The station is set to open in September.

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