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Richmond Police Chief takes public comments


The Richmond Police Department wants to hear from you. The department held a public input session at the police training academy on Monday. The public hearing is part of the department's re-accreditation process.

Dozens of people came out to give their input.

"You receive public comment," said Police Chief Ray Tarasovic. "You act on it. You take it constructively."

The biggest concern at the event was the recent crime.

"It's bad," said Carrie Cox. "It seems like every other day somebody is killing somebody or robbing somebody. It's ridiculous."

The public input session is one of more than 480 standards that must me met as the department works toward re-accreditation.

"When you get that certificate on the wall that you are internationally accredited you've worked hard," said David Munday with the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement. "I want to hear what the public has to say. I want to hear what the citizens of Richmond think about their police department."

Cox used her time at the microphone to speak about the time she spent working as a community organizer to help clean up Richmond's Woodland Crossing Apartment community.

"My life was threatened three times," said Cox. "They tried to burn me out twice. If it wasn't for the Richmond Police Department I don't think I would still be standing here."

Cox praises the department's quick response times, but the chief acknowledges there is room for improvement.

"Our challenges are always providing public safety," said Chief Tarasovic. "Whatever we do organizationally, whatever we do policy wise, it should drive us to make Richmond a safer city."

The department has their final exit interview on Wednesday. they should know about accreditation by August.

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