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Fire Truck stolen in Chesterfield

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Someone stole a roughly half-million-dollar fire truck in Chesterfield County, took it on a joy ride, and crashed it near Woodpecker and Bundle Roads.

The damage is extensive. Fire officials say it could take weeks or months to get the truck back into service, if it can be replaced.

The crazy scene started in the county's maintenance lot. The truck was waiting a final check before being put into service by the airport. 

The thief apparently hopped a fence, and got in the unlocked truck- then drove off with it- crashing through the fence and taking the truck on a near 14 mile joy ride through Chesterfield County. It happened before 6am Saturday.

But fire officials say the Chesterfield fire trucks don't use keys, so whoever did this, had some familiarity with how to use the truck.

 "It's possible they just had experience driving large vehicles," said Lt. Jason Elmore with Chesterfield's Fire Department. "Because they did get a significant distance here from our location before they crashed."

The truck is a foam truck, the only specialized one in the county. Officials say other trucks do carry some foam, but this one was headed to service at the airport where there are larger fuel spills.

Now, it will be out for weeks or even months.

"If there is a significant incident that foam is going to need to be used," said Elmore. "We're going to have to look at different avenues, maybe bring in a different apparatus or apparatus and personnel to be able to handle that situation."

Firefighters say they're just glad no one was killed. The trucks weigh around 30 tons.

This maintenance lot is right next to the jail, which has a lot of security video. And officers we're told, right now, are trying to figure out who did this.

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