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Police to head to 2,000 homes for new leads in July 4 death


Police are implementing a new strategy to find who killed a seven-year-old Chesterfield boy on July 4.

Police will go door to door to nearly 2,000 homes, looking for a break in the case. They say this investigation could last for weeks.

Police are going to stop at every home within a 7,100 ft. (1.3 mile) radius of where a 40-caliber bullet hit Brendon Mackey.

Investigators say they've zeroed in on five different handguns that could've been used. These include a Glock, heckler & Koch, IMI, Kahr Arms, or Vektor Pistols.

The new goal is to interview thousands of people, by going to 1,800 homes. So far, investigators have been to 300 houses. Police say several people have voluntarily had their guns tested, but at this point, no match.

The thinking is that the shooting was accidental. Someone fired a bullet into the sky in celebration of July 4. That bullet came back down and struck Brendon, when he was with his dad in the parking lot of the Boathouse restaurant around 9 p.m.

We've also heard from Brendon's dad, and he said he doesn't understand how someone could think a bullet would just burn up in the sky. He's still distraught, and hoping for a break in the case. 

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