RG3G prepares to watch her grandson in Richmond training camp

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - One conversation with Ms. Juley Allen and you'll find she is not bashful about telling you who she is.

"RG3G. Grandmother. That's me," said Allen.

However, in case the feisty 64-year-old doesn't use her strong New Orleans accent to tell you she is the grandmother of Washington Redskins' quarterback Robert Griffin III, she'll show you - either through her autographed RG3 jersey, the hard-to-miss burgundy and gold balloons in front of her home, or the small RG3 shrine of newspapers and magazines in her living room.

If RG3 is in it, Ms. Allen has it, proudly displayed in her home - and car- for all to see.

She has been a fan of her grandson since long before he braided his hair and stood over six feet tall. She has cheered him on in high school and college graduations, and watched him excel in baseball, basketball, and football.

Just over two weeks ago, she was there to support him in the latest stage of his life - marriage.

"It was beautiful. It was beautiful, and everybody enjoyed themselves," said Allen.

She wore a fancy pink suit for her grandson's big day with sparkly, silver shoes.

"I was just-a-stepping and I was dancing," said Allen.

She loves to have fun, and she can't wait to have more of it when the Redskins head to Richmond to begin their training camp.

She says she jogs to stay in shape, just in case the team needs her on the field.

"I gotta stay in shape. He may say run Grandma. You might have to throw that ball at me," said Allen.

She plans to support the team by attending the camp every chance she gets, and she has a message for the other fans who will be there as well.

"Enjoy the Redskins. RG3. I'm the grandmother," said Allen.

By the way, "RG3G" predicts the Redskins will go to the Super Bowl this year.

Training camp begins July 25.

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