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Rain water washes out road, swallows car

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A road washes away from all the rain, swallowing a car, and two people inside. This happened on Rochelle Road - a dirt road just outside of Farmville.  

The car was removed Friday afternoon - not an easy task for crews. NBC12 spoke to the people who were inside the car, clinging for life the moment it plunged at least 10 feet. 

When the car first plunged in, it landed right in the middle near a storm water pipe that was separated. The force of water and the mud moved it about 20 to 30 feet into the woods. 

"It was like a scene out of a movie," said Alex Spirn.  

It's a nightmare he never wants to relive after watching two of his friends go under Rochelle Road as it devoured their car. Spirn says it plunged 10 feet and landed with a loud boom. 

"The car just went right over head," Spirn said. "It was just probably one of the scariest moments of my life." 

Spirn was following his friend Antwan Bolden home around 3 a.m. They had just gotten off work. Bolden crept up to what appeared to be a puddle... but it proved to be much worse. Part of the gravel road gave way, causing the Pontiac to nose dive. 

"We were going to wait, then the other side of the wall was caving in," said Bolden. We climbed up the car. I pulled her up and we just jumped out."

Bolden and a friend inside got out just in time as the walls began to crumble. 

"It was doing that when we were in the hole... the sides of the hole were like, 'woosh,'" said Bolden.

Police believe rushing water underneath may have caused the road to give out. The pipe, which is supposed to funnel storm water to the Appomattox River, is separated, causing water to rage violently below.

It took crews about an hour to finally remove the mud-caked car. Rochelle Road will remain blocked off, and Bolden and Spirn will have to take another route home until this road is safe to drive again. 

The road is on private property, so it would ultimately be up to the land owner to pay for repairs. The sheriff's office will be meeting with the landowner to discuss repairs.

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