ON YOUR SIDE: Henrico teen beats cancer

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Darius Young faced lifelong treatment when doctors, searching for the cause of his headaches, found a brain tumor.

The Henrico teen has reached a milestone: the cancer is in remission, and he's enjoying life. The Huguenot High student will be 17 in August. He was 11 when we first met him, and scared of dying.

He has a learner's permit now, and he's learning to drive. It's difficult to tell who's more nervous, Darius or his parents.

Either way, nothing compares to surviving cancer. Teen driving is another of life's scary moments, and like cancer, they believe it too shall pass.

Diane: "You haven't had any relapses or anything?"

Darius: "Nope."

Diane: "Why do you think that is?"

Darius: "God's been on my side."

The rising senior says he doesn't think about the past - just moving forward. He has a 3.5 GPA, wants a college degree in game and program design, and is looking for a summer job.

"I would be a good asset to their company, and I would work hard. My greatest strength, I get along with people real easy and I make friends easy too."

We last saw Darius in 2009. VCU Massey Cancer Center showered him with confetti after finishing cancer treatments that stole his hair and weight and darkened his skin. His cancerous bran tumor was discovered in 2007. In remission for nearly three years, his parents say the cancer is not coming back.

"If you believe, the Lord cured him. You have to believe the Lord cured him," said Darius' father, Datius.

Darius' mother, Renee, did ask, why her child? She says faith and church elevated her and she learned to say, why not Darius?

"Why not him? Be a blessing to someone else, seeing the miracle he can do through him. That's beautiful. Yea," said Renee.

The scary part is over, but they struggle to pay bills. A result of medical expenses, bankruptcy, surgeries of their own and a layoff, after which Datius accepted a lower-paying job.

They know what's important now, and aren't afraid to show it.

"Thank y'all for all your support for helping me and sending letters of support to me," said Darius.

Darius doesn't take any medication and there are no more treatments. He gets a checkup once a year.

He tells me, he's happy and proud.

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