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Virginia political leaders react to latest McDonnell allegations

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Swift reaction across Virginia- as news of more gifts and loans from a wealthy CEO to Governor Bob McDonnell is revealed.

The Washington Post discovered that the McDonnell family took in an additional $120,000 in gifts and loans from Jonnie Williams that was not specifically reported.

Now leaders from both sides of the isle are demanding answers from the Governor. McDonnell is facing a grand jury investigation and even though these gifts are questionable- there is nothing specific to indicate that he has broken the law.

Both Republicans and Democrats said that it is up to McDonnell to clear the air.

For more than four years the conservative web site Bearing Drift has been one of the most vocal supporters of Bob McDonnell.

"As a man we thought he was going to be the next Vice President of the United States," said Shaun Kenney, the site's editor. "As a public servant we really seriously believed he was who he said he was."

Kenney is among many left wondering just what McDonnell's connection to Williams led to.

"The question is whether or not it was right or wrong and whether or not it is something that should be repeated or pealed back," he said.

Kenney believes it is time for McDonnell to resign.

"I do believe Bob McDonnell owes it to the citizens of Virginia to explain what he did, what his motivations were express his remorse and yes indeed for the integrity of the Office of Governor step down." 

The governor has consistently said Williams and his company received no special treatment from his office. Senator Don McEachin- a democrat needs proof.

"This is influence peddling in a very real sense. How many companies get to go the Governor's mansion to have their product launched? How many companies have members of the first family going out there and being spokespeople for them?" McEachin asked.  

McEachin said until the air gets cleared- the Office of the Governor- and by extension the Commonwealth will continue to suffer.

"This sort of drip drip drip of leaks and press reports does a disservice to the Commonwealth we need the Governor to just come on out and tell us what has happened."

That won't be easy. McDonnell is the subject of a federal investigation. That makes it all but impossible for him to publicly respond directly to many of the claims against him. McDonnell has consistently said that he has not done anything illegal- or anything different than governors before him.

This scandal will have direct implications on the upcoming race for Governor. We will have more on that tonight at 11.

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