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Chesterfield parents fighting mad after karate instructor takes money, closes shop


Where is the money? That is the question from Chesterfield parents who say they forked over hundreds of dollars for a full year of taekwondo classes for their kids. The business is now closed.

Ultimate Champions Taekwondo along Midlothian Turnpike just opened this spring.

Parents say they received a Facebook message from school master Joshua Kim on June 17th. He urged them to attend a "highly important" school meeting.

"Yes," said a parent who was too nervous to be identified. "He told us all that he needed 20 parents to give him 300 dollars."

Parents say Kim was essentially asking them to help him keep the business open.

'"Right," said one of the parents who attended the meeting. "And one of the parents said we are not stockholders here. Why would we invest in your company?"

Kim's studio made news earlier this year for improperly disposing of documents. We went back to the location this week and found a note on the closed. We spoke to a family who says they just lost $700. They paid for a full year of lessons.

"We feel conned," said the parent. "The best way to explain it is he is a very good con artist."

We contacted Mr. Kim. He says he plans to re-open.

"We are looking into everything to get the school open and running on Monday," said Mr. Kim. "It will be either that location or I have already reserved a second location in case it takes longer."

Mr. Kim is also facing legal troubles with the property owner.

"Mr. Kim has been behind on rent for some time," said attorney Stewart Simon. "Harding and Associates went to court and the court granted possession. Mr. Kim voluntarily turned over the key to Harding and Associates. I am not aware that any arrangements have been made for Mr. Kim retaking possession."

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