New cell phone case doubles as stun gun

(WMC-TV) - What's the one thing you always have with you? For a lot of us - it's our phone. So, what if you were in a true emergency and your phone could double as a weapon? Well, perhaps it is possible.

In the instant Seth Froom was robbed at gunpoint at the front door of his house, and idea was hatched.

"I thought about the moment of exchange when he demanded I hand him my cell phone," said Froom, Inventor.

As he stared trauma in the face – he was forced to hand over his cell phone and valuables. He says he felt compelled to find a way to turn the tables. If only there was a logical, unsuspecting counterattack.

And just like that, painful debilitating electric shock stun gun technology gave him the answer. He decided to combine it with the one thing always at hand – his smartphone.

"The only item within arm's reach is your smart phone. In a true emergency situation, this was designed to protect you," Froom said.

There was already a fake cell phone stun gun on the market selling here for about $74.67. But it lacked the practicality protection combo.

So Froom and his business partner Sean Simone brainstormed to create a cell phone case with protection built in.

Simone says their "Yellow Jacket Case" is a prime example of what's known as disruptive technology.

"When you take two things that were not previously related before and mash them together and say - hey, this is normal now," said Simone.

You can define normal for yourself, but it is definitely disruptive. It is designed to make the attacker retreat – turning the tables.

As for the name, Simone coined that.

"It's a play on words," said Simone. "Obviously it's a stinging animal and it's a jacket for your phone. And hey - we can even make it in yellow, so Yellow Jacket seemed to make sense."

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