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Vulgar anti-casino signs taken down in Springfield


With the Springfield casino vote just eight days away, both sides are picking up efforts to get voters on their side.

But some people are saying it's been taken too far.

This past week, casino signs displaying vulgar language in Spanish have been found across the city.

But so far no individual or group has come forward to claim the signs.

The anti-casino signs bearing the F-word in Spanish are outraging the Spanish-speaking community, including city council candidate Orlando Ramos.

"The word is offensive and it shouldn't be posted publicly," he said.

He logged onto his Facebook last week to see that people in his neighborhood had posted a picture of the signs on his wall amid furious comments from people offended by them, looking for help to get them removed.

"Just like everyone else, I was outraged to see that someone actually thought that they were going to get away with posting something like this publicly," Ramos said.

Springfield lawns are peppered with signs both for and against the casino proposal. Ramos encourages that, but says whoever made the profanity-laden signs took their ideas too far.

"I encourage people to get involved in any type of issue that they care about regardless of what side they're on, but you have to be civil about it," he said.

One was posted at the intersection at Page Boulevard and Parker Street. They were also reported on Cottage Street and Berkshire Avenue.

Code enforcement inspectors have since taken them down because of the profanity.

"That's the worst part, parents with their children, reading those signs and kids are going to start asking what it's about and it sends the wrong message," Ramos said.

Anyone who sees the signs or any sign with profanity is encouraged to call Springfield's 311 line to report it and get it removed.

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