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Fire safety crews: leave fireworks to the professionals


Fireworks will soon light the night sky this 4th of July, but shows by amateurs are illegal in Virginia.

"Anything that shoots into the air, travels along the ground or explodes is illegal in the state of Virginia," said Captain James Mellon with the Henrico Fire Department. "We don't go looking for them, but if we see them we are going to address it. Fireworks are extremely dangerous."

Keep in mind, in some localities, sparklers are even off-limits. Captain Mellon says there is a legal cut-off for fireworks in Henrico.

"Anything that contains more than .25 grams of explosives," said Captain Mellon. "So, that would be anything above a paper cap for a cap gun."

Officials note party poppers may be one of your safest option.

"As beautiful as they are we can't stress enough to leave fireworks to the professionals," said Captain Mellon.

According to Virginia code, setting off fireworks illegally is punishable by one year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

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