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Victim's family reacts to 3 year sentence for Elias Webb

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The Richmond man convicted in the hit and run death of a cyclist on River Road will spend the next three years in prison. Tuesday, a judge sentenced Elias Webb for his role in killing Lanie Kruszewski and not stopping to help.

There were a lot of tears inside the courtroom. At one point, a deputy even gave Webb tissues to wipe his face. The three year sentence offers some closure, but not necessarily an ending for the people who love Kruszewski.

"I'll never be the same person that I was having known Lanie and certainly I'll never be the same person having lost her," her boyfriend, Daniel Pritchett, said.

That's one of the few things Lanie's friends and family have in common with Elias Webb. Before the judge handed down the sentence, which includes two years probation and having his license suspended, Webb apologized to the Kruszewski family.

He said: "I think about Lanie every day. This is something that is going to be with me forever."

Prosecutors say, to her family the events of July 29th amount to a life sentence for Lanie.

Elias Webb was driving his SUV when it hit and killed the 24-year-old, who was riding her bike. He never stopped and before the jury recommended the three year sentence, said he thought he hit a deer.

We asked prosecutor Christine Cestaro if the three year sentence is enough. "The jury felt that was enough," she responded. "I think that's what matters."

But for the family, it doesn't make reality without Lanie any easier.

"I think we're pleased with how everything went," Lanie's sister Jackie Kruszewski told us after the hearing. "We're happy it's all over. We're excited to move on."

The judge couldn't have given Webb more than three years. In Virginia, state law allows a judge to decrease a jury's sentencing recommendation, but she cannot go above it.

In fact, the three year sentence is actually well above the guidelines in this case. If the judge had stuck to those, Elias Webb could have served as little as one day behind bars.

Webb and his attorneys had no comment to media Tuesday.

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