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Henrico police concerned about baby in fight video


Henrico Police are taking another look at a fight posted to YouTube. The video is now trending with hundreds of viewers.

It happened outside an apartment building at the Woodman West complex. NBC12 passed the video along to police, who are now looking to see if more charges should be filed.

Police say there is something else in that video that caught their eyes - a baby sitting on the ground a few feet away the entire time fists are thrown.

Watching the video, you see the woman holding the baby walks closer. When she puts the baby down, he almost falls on his side as the women start to duke it out.

A Henrico police spokesperson tells NBC12 the detective will now "...review the video and determine if charges should be placed concerning the infant. The officer was not aware of the video pertaining to the child when the police report was made."

Legal experts say they are starting to see more images caught on cell phones that are helping to give an accurate recording of what really happened.

"What this case illustrates is the increased value of social media," says NBC12 legal analyst Steve Benjamin. "The police may be concerned enough of the handling of the baby that they refer it to a protective agency."

Henrico police say Child Protective Services has now been called. The women have also been advised that they can take warrants out on each other.

Click this link to watch the full video (WARNING: there is cursing in the text and on the video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-stoUqnPxY

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