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Attorneys request subpoena of Cuccinelli in Governor's Mansion case

Todd Schneider Todd Schneider

Attorneys for the former chef of the Governor's Mansion want Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to testify in the embezzlement case.

In motions filed this week, attorneys for Todd Schneider are asking a judge to allow them to subpoena Cuccinelli and his top assistant, Patrick Dorgan. Schneider is accused of stealing food from the Governor's Mansion. He faces four counts of embezzlement.

Cuccinelli, who is also running for governor, asked to be taken off the case last month because of a conflict of interest. The former Chief of Staff for the governor's wife is now working for a consulting firm that raises money for Cuccinelli's campaign for governor.

Schneider claims he's a whistle-blower who reported that Governor Bob McDonnell never disclosed certain gifts from Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams.

Schneider's attorney argues that Cuccinelli, who had his own ties to Williams, did not pursue the matter.

A Richmond judge could decide on July 8 whether to dismiss this case or move forward with a trial. She could also take up the defense motion to subpoena Cuccinelli.

A special prosecutor is now handling this case.

The AG's office has filed their motion in response to the request to subpoena Cuccinelli. In the response, Matthew P. Dullaghan, a Senior Assistant Attorney General, wrote that the "nature of the testimony that the defendant assumes could be compelled from the Attorney General and his assistant and is based only on speculative and unfounded assumptions."

Attorneys for both sides are under gag orders and are not allowed to comment.

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