NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Supreme Court rulings

By: Kym Grinnage email

We knew that the Supreme Court had a full deck, but what a week it has been!

You should remember this week for the rest of your life because you are truly living in historic times and witnessing the power of the Supreme Court and ultimately how our third branch of government has changed the course of history.

I am not here to offer an opinion on the four landmark decisions that have been handed down over the last seven days, but to encourage you to read the decisions of the majority and dissenting justices so that you are fully informed on the thinking behind their rulings.

Because of the growing transparency of our court system and an active free press, this information is readily available on the media platform of your choice. It's available in print, video, podcast, in detail, in summary, in editorial form and in just about every flavor that you could desire. Choose your method of discovery, but don't let this moment pass you by.

What has been interesting is that many of us, including the learned pundits, did not always guess correctly how the court would rule on The Voter Rights Act of 1965, Proposition 8, DOMA (The Defense of Marriage Act), and Affirmative Action.

Is the Supreme Court reflecting American thought? Maybe you can answer that question.

Although the court is supreme, it is the activism and political involvement of the American people, on both sides of the spectrum that ultimately decides the course of history.

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