June 27 RESTAURANT REPORT: fish prepared over the trash

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A very popular restaurant and a school that you wouldn't expect are in this edition of the Restaurant Report. And you might be surprised by what inspectors found. The good news is that the problems have been fixed.

It has a unique location, and a unique name. Edo's Squid, the popular fish and Italian restaurant at 411 North Harrison Street, usually gets pretty good health inspection scores. But this time, it had 5 critical violations. The report says fish was being prepared on a tray on top of an open trash can. We went by to see what's up with that.

An employee told us the manager wasn't there when we went by. We left a message, but haven't heard back yet.

The report says Edo's corrected all critical violations during the inspection.

Remember the days of chicken nuggets and hot dogs at school? An inspector says they weren't being kept hot enough on the service line at Skipwith Elementary in Henrico, which had 4 critical on its last inspection, including that the dishwasher wasn't rinsing hot enough. The school district says the machine is being fixed and sent us statement:

"HCPS is committed to providing safe and healthy food daily to its students. We have taken immediate steps to correct the issues and will make sure appropriate training is provided to all cafeteria workers to ensure that this does not happen again at any school."

General Tso's chicken wasn't being kept hot enough at Yen Ching at 11102 Hull Street Road in Chesterfield. It had 5 critical violations on a recent inspection report. But they were corrected on the spot and Yen Ching had no violations on its re-check.

Strange Matter, a bar restaurant at 929 West Grace Street in Richmond, is no stranger to cleanliness. It wins the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award for earning 3 perfect scores.

Kelsey Hulvey of Strange Matter explains how they do it: "Whenever it's slow, we clean a bunch of stuff. Whenever we have to close for any reason, we clean more stuff and come in on our day off because we like it here and we want people to keep coming here."