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Chesterfield County Strikes New Water Park

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The Chesterfield County Board just struck down Doug Hackman's proposal for a water park on Newbys-Bridge Road, which would've included a surf pool, shops, restaurants and a hotel.

County leaders said the Hackman's property near Newbys-Bridge Road is just not the right place. So, Chesterfield County won't be seeing a new water park anytime soon.

Land owner - Doug Hackman - disappointed by the outcome:

"It's a missed opportunity for the county I was going to put this in my planning commission speech and I was reluctant to put it in there I just don't want it to be Chesterfield where business ends, not where business begins but today that's where we're at," said Hackman.

From business men in suits to teenagers in T-shirts, there was a tremendous show of support from a wide range of people who live in or around Chesterfield County.

"I back these people because they have a dream and we do need dreamers and entrepreneurs," said one Chesterfield resident.

"I love to wake board and do water sports and every weekend I have to drive two and half hours to go to Lake Gaston," said another supporter.

Supporters pushed the idea that the park will give kids a safe and fun place to play.

Others stated it would be a great opportunity for economic and tourism growth.

But there was a fair amount of people against the proposal.

Neighbors worried about the increase of traffic and noise.

"Our way of life of agriculture and rural is very important to us," said one neighbor.

"I've been teaching middle school in the public school for years and any idea that you're going to control noise of screaming children having fun is an illusion, it's a pipe dream it's not going to happen," said another neighbor.

The county's planning commission previously gave it thumbs down.

And the board followed its recommendation - voting it down five to zero.

"We'll probably just go somewhere where we're welcomed and desired and we'll start there," said Hackman.

So what's next for Hackman and his water park idea? He said he's looking into several locations including Virginia Beach and Raleigh.

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