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VSU group takes the stage on America's Got Talent


Tonight at 9:00 on NBC12, VSU takes the stage on America's Got Talent. It's been a secret for two months whether the School's gospel chorale moves on, or goes home. The answer is revealed tonight, when the April performance in New York City will be aired across the country.

"I'm really excited, nervous, anxious, just all bubbled up in one," said VSU Gospel Chorale member Zion Charity. "There were so many screams, and that drives you to sing even harder. It's like being an athlete in the NBA Finals. It just drives you and pushes you."

A lifetime of practice, and a single video tape entry landed the VSU Gospel Chorale on the show. But what helped the members get through the pressure? The students are all best friends, who work until every note is pitch perfect.

"This is my first family at Virginia State University," said Shakyra Johnson in an interview Tuesday. "And I'm so glad that I decided to join the choir."

The performers can barely talk about anything that happened in April, and the same goes for how well they stacked up against their competition.

But director and advisor James Holden said in an interview Tuesday his group measured up, and then some.

"When we saw other acts, we said, ‘mhmm, ok, we know what to do now.' And so we prepared ourselves mentally, and we did it."

As for anyone who has never seen America's Got Talent, the Gospel Choir has a sales pitch for the region to watch and show some support for the hometown act:

"It's going to be the best song you've ever heard in your life," Johnson said. "This is one thing you will not want to miss," Charity added. "You'll never see another choir like this."

The Chorale also performed in January during President Obama's inauguration activities. America's Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 9pm on NBC12.

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