Lost Dog: Have you seen Belle?

Belle is a 6 and 1/2 year old white and orange Brittany.  She is a medium-sized, spayed female dog, weighing approximately 40 pounds.  She has orange markings on her body and orange ears with a short tail and was wearing a collar.  Her fur is medium length with feathering on her legs.  Belle is very friendly and is accustomed to running free on 23 acres.  She is also a great swimmer and went missing around the lower portion of the Tye River in Nelson County on May 25th.  She is very friendly and knows the area very well.  She is very well known in the community and has not been sighted by any neighbors.  She tends to bark at birds, especially ones in flight and is somewhat incontinent.

If you have seen Belle, please email Eve Yagel or call (434)263-6716 at anytime.