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Python Spotted in Chesterfield's Bon Air Neighborhood


A shocking discovery today some people driving through Chesterfield's Bon Air neighborhood say they saw a huge python slithering down the street making its way down a public drain.

The drain where this python escaped into is right by the BP gas station in the 2700 block of Tinsley Drive near Buford and Forest Hill.

Richmond driver Natalie Weaver was there.

"I was more like super surprised that was happening in such a small area in Richmond, it's not like we're in a tropical area where they would be common in or really common anywhere that size," said Weaver.

Shocked and kind of worried, Weaver said another passerby called Animal Control. It had to be some lost or discarded pet:

"It's probably out of its normal habitat, so it probably doesn't know what to do, and what's available to eat so I hope if it is someone's pet, they'll be able to recover it and get it back home," said Weaver.

From the looks of it - the snake is a Burmese albino python.

"It had to be at least 10 to 12 feet long…yeah it looked like it just came down the side street right there, the intersection I don't know maybe because it's dark or it just wanted to find shelter," Weaver said.

Animal control did respond, but by the time they got there, the python was nowhere to be found. It had made its way down in that drain. We are hearing reports that someone did get the snake out of the drain but animal control could not confirm.

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