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Hanover/Henrico bridge shut down after crews discover corrosion


Drivers near the Chickahominy River may need to find another route. The Route 625 Bridge connects Henrico and Hanover Counties, but VDOT says it's in such bad shape; it was forced to shut it down.

The day inspectors came to check on the bridge they found the conditions so bad, they shut it down and closed part of the Greenwood Road. Now many people around here are wondering, when is it going to be fixed?

VDOT engineers found rust eating away at the beams, forcing a shutdown.

Wayne Dawson uses the bridge frequently, but on Friday he won't be home quite yet.

"This sucks," he said.

Dawson lives on the Henrico side of Greenwood Road, his mother lives on the Hanover side.

"It's the absolute only bridge to see them, unless it's closed and then I've got to make a big detour," he said.

He says that detour can take an extra ten minutes.

VDOT engineers say about 800 cars drive over this bridge every day and that's why what they found underneath it gave them cause for concern.

Right now engineers are assessing the damage, but say a third of the beams may need to be replaced. They say the bridge is inspected every year but according to an engineer, the corrosion wasn't visible at the time. The drastic change in just twelve months caught them off guard. While the shutdown is an inconvenience -- neighbors say repairs are desperately needed.

"You would feel the bridge move, it did not feel the most stable," said Denise Hanke who lives on the Hanover side.

Hanke hopes this bridge will one day be two lanes.

"If a car is on the bridge and they aren't anticipating the single lane, there have been numerous accidents here," she said.

Engineers tell NBC12 the entire bridge is scheduled to be replaced in 2015. So right now, they'll make minimum repairs to make sure it can hold up, but drivers may have to wait until August before these barriers are removed.

The last time the bridge was checked was June 2012. At that time the bridge was deemed to be in fair but safe condition.

VDOT says the entire bridge will cost about $2.8 million to replace.

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