Pedicabs pedal into RVA

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - As of today, there's a new way to ride around Richmond- pedicabs (or rickshaws). Spoken4 has begun operating its fleet of five-seat, three-wheeled bikes around areas like the Fan, Shockoe Bottom and Carytown. For about $7 a person (plus tip), you and your crew can get pedaled to your destination of choice.

"We've had a lot of people reach out to us over the last few days," said co-owner Katie Hurst, of the buzz surrounding the neuvo-taxi service.

Katie Hurst and her business partner, Kyle Langemeier, are excited to bring the growing trend to the River City.

"We are going to be targeting more of the bars and high traffic shopping areas…A lot of people who may live ten blocks away don't necessarily want to walk that far, but it's also a little bit too close to drive," continued Hurst.

The service operates every day except Mondays, and  runs well after last-call on weekends. The $5,000-a-piece bikes are rare, since they can seat up to five passengers.

"From what we've researched online, these are probably the only five-person rickshaws you'll see," added Langemeier.

By law, pedicabs must follow the same rules as any other moving vehicle on the road. That also means car drivers need to allow pedicabs the same respect they would a motorized vehicle.

"We'll be a little bit slower, but in the Fan, there are tons of stop lights… stop signs, so traffic doesn't typically move that fast," continued Hurst.

The pedicabs don't have turn signals like cars, so watch for the driver of the rickshaw to use arm signals. Spoken4 accepts credit cards, and responds to Tweets, as well.

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