Does it Work: Shed Pal

It's summertime, and now that things are warming up, you're probably spending a lot of time cleaning up after your furry friends. We found a product promising to be a "mess-free way to control shedding." But does it work?

Kenny is a two-year-old Husky mix, and he's a big shedder!

"I like to play with him, but he gets hair all over my clothes because he sheds so much, and I have to vacuum the floors a lot," said Kenny's owner Josh Kubicek.

So Josh unpacked the Shed Pal, which costs $9.99, read the directions, and added three AA batteries. Kenny didn't seem to mind the noise or vibration at all.

"One of the things I like about it is I don't have to pull the hair out of the brush at the end," Josh said. "That's a lot of hair, and it's not in my carpet. That's what I like about it."

Overall, Josh gave the Shed Pal a passing grade of a B.

"It did a pretty good job, but there's some things it's missing near the end of the tail," he said.

Next we tested the Shed Pal on our Executive Producer Lon Lucas's long-haired cats, Pumpkin and Eddie.

Pumpkin seemed to be okay, until we turned on the Shed Pal's motor. Then she made a run for it!

"She's just uncomfortable," Lon said. "Cats don't like noises like vacuums."

Lon thought Eddie would stand a better chance with the Shed Pal, since she's more even-tempered. But Eddie wanted nothing to do with the motor, either.

"It's a good product," Lon said. "It does get the hair off. I think I would use it for me more than trying to use it on the cats."

Lon rated the Shed Pal an F for cats, because of the noise.

"They shed even more when they're scared, so dealing with a product like this probably won't work, 'cause they will shed even more," he said.

So the Shed Pal is bringing home a mixed report card in this Does it Work? Test – depending on the subject.

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