June 20 RESTAURANT REPORT: food stored on the floor

You wouldn't store food on the floor in your kitchen, would you? The Health Department doesn't like it when restaurants do it either.

The inspector reported finding food stored either on or less than 6 inches from the floor at Jamaica House Restaurant at 1215 West Broad Street in Richmond, which had 4 critical violations. The report doesn't specify what food it was, but it's supposed to be on a shelf to protect it from the possibility of dirt and pests. The report also says the floors, walls, and ceiling were unclean. We tried to contact the manager but haven't heard back. The inspector noted a couple of other violations were corrected during the inspection.

Moving to Henrico, El Rey International Supermarket at 6006 West Broad Street had 4 critical violations. Among them, beef, pork, and chicken were sitting more than 30 degrees below the required 135 degrees to keep them safe to eat. That and other problems were fixed right away.

And in Chesterfield, China Panda II at 10020 Robious Road had 5 critical violations. The report says an employee handled raw chicken and then flour, salt, and sugar without washing hands in between, spreading the risk for cross contamination. That and other violations were corrected on the spot, and China Panda II earned a perfect score on the follow-up inspection two weeks later.